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Sonos Sound System

Whether you are setting up a sound system in your living room or intending to turn your mancave into a movie theater, you’ll have to deal with wires and cords. And if you want to play high-quality digital music such as FLAC, the data source will need to be compatible with the equipment. The wireless Sonos sound system makes life easier by allowing th euser to stream audio from a range of sources directly to speakers around the house. While using your existing WIFI network as an option, for increased reliability Sonos offers a secure wireless mesh network called Sonosnet.

Sonos speakers

Notably, the Sonos wireless speakers are compatible with several CD-quality streaming services, including Deizer Elite, Tidal, and Qobuz, which offer unlimited access to FLAC files at 16 bits for a monthly service charge.  Setting up and connecting the Sonos system is easy, as the latest App from Sonos makes it possible to connect your Sonos speakers direct to your network.

Depending your budget, you can acquire the Sonos wireless speaker system that is right for you: Sonos Play:1; Sonos Play:3; and Sonos Play:5. The second part of this article will describe each Sonos product in more detail. Stay tuned…



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  • In times past, you’d come across some fairly major logistical issues if you wanted to be able to listen to your entire music collection anywhere in your home. You’d either need to move your sound system from room to room, or put up with wires and cables trailing under doors and rugs and up the stairs. Or, of course, you could spend a fortune on a home install system.

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