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Some Tidal Subscribers Got Calls From Jay Z

Apparently, access to FLAC files and lossless music is not the only benefit Tidal subscribers are getting. reports that celebrities such as Jay Z and Jack White have been calling subscribers to thank them for signing up for the service. The nice gesture will likely create more publicity and make the service popular. Jay…

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Competition Heats Up Among FLAC Supported Music Services

Audiophiles that have invested in superior quality audio systems and hardware would appreciate¬†and welcome¬†options in lossless music providers. Apparently even Jay-Z appreciates the resounding quality of the FLAC format for music, as proven by his recent investment in Tidal, a new music streaming service that through the WIMP platform offers a catalog of 25 million…

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Windows 10 Will Support Flac

Great news for audiophiles that love lossless music but were constrained by the limited number of available devices/programs that support Flac. According to Microsoft, the Windows 10 Media Player will handle the popular Flac format. Users will no longer need to download plug-ins and obscure media players to enjoy the Flac format. Microsoft’s adoption of…

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